“Free” Font License

License Agreement – Free Fonts

All fonts © Andrew Pinkard. All Rights Reserved. No Press Gang Studios font may be altered or redistributed without the express permission of Andeh Pinkard.

These fonts are freeware for independent comic book creation and non-profit use ONLY. This excludes use by “mainstream” publishers, (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Oni, Image, SLG, Top Cow, Wildstorm, Crossgen, TokyoPop, and their subsidiaries) without a license fee. Use by a “mainstream” publisher (or its employee), and use for mainstream comics, or non-comic, for-profit endeavors incur a license fee be paid to Press Gang Studios. In Essence, this means:

· Anyone may use these fonts for non-profit projects.

· If you are a self-publisher/creator you may use these fonts for any independently published project, for-profit or nonprofit.

· If you are an independent creator, publishing comics through a mainstream company (see above) there is a license fee.

· If you are not an independent comic creator and you intend to use these fonts in a commercial project, there is a license fee.

Use the contact form for specific font license fees.

Press Gang Studios
C/o Andrew Pinkard
Anaheim, CA

If you have questions, please contact Press Gang Studios via pinkard@gmail.com