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Here at press gang studios we make logos, comics and even letter comics and other stuff, but we also make and licence fonts. In fact that’s what most of the sites traffic comes from, people wanting our unique fonts. We have about 52 Fonts, Liscencing starts at about$30-40 Bucks. The licences for all those fonts would cost about $1560. Ir let’s say You see two fonts you want to purchase for your logo, but then see two other fonts you want for some comic FX and dialogue, That would cost you any where from $120-$160 bucks. That’s a huge wad of cash. 

That’s where The Press Gang Font Club come’s into play.

the PGF Club comes in Three distinct flavors, with three specially crafted price ranges.

The WEBCOMICKER plan $35

the webcomicker plan is planned out with the common webcomicker ain mind. You can use any dialogue fonts for your webcomic and self-printing needs, with out breaking the bank.

The Indy Comicker  Plan $60

Designed with more serious comicker in mind, the kind of creative that prints all their own comics and submits to all the rad indie labels, and prints up their own merch. These guys live off their comics worth. With the Indy Comicker plan you get full use of all Dialogue and FX fonts for web  and print.

The Comic Bawse Plan $100

This is the master sword of plans! With this plan you can use any of our fonts, whether it be Dialgue,FX,Title, or MISC and even some fonts specially designed just for this plan. You can use it for print, web, design, merch and pretty much anything you want outside of redistibuting the fonts.

(redistributing fonts and licenses is NEVER allowed.)

All licence plans are for the sole proprietor and no trading of hands is permitted or accepted.

Don’t want to settle on a font plan? individual font licences will always be available.

For any and all inquiries feel free to email me at

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